about me

Cassie T


Hey Momma! I’m Coach Cassie, mom of 2, pre/postnatal fitness instructor, and coffee & wine connoisseur 😀.

I’m from a small town in MN and grew up with a love for volleyball and a strong desire to provide care & support to others (yes, I am a self proclaimed people pleaser). To fill my urge, I pursued a career in ultrasound, where I spent 4 years in the sonography department at Mayo Clinic. Then, my 2 beautiful children came along and changed things for me. When I was pregnant with my second child, I went through a really difficult time in my life. I developed severe anxiety from insomnia, which then turned into depression. During this time, I did try exercising (it was NOT a cure all) but it did keep me going. Reflecting back, I am grateful to have gone through it, because I can understand the struggle.

For me, being your pre/postnatal instructor is more than teaching you how to exercise. I hope to guide you and hold your hand through the struggles and be here to cheer you on through the triumphs!